Monday, 4 June 2007

f - week 12 - improvisation/composition

The dichotomy of improvisation and composition.

"Improvisation is not composition."[1]


This leads me to an idea I've been working on for a few pieces. During the course of this forum[2] it evolved into several movements :)

Basic idea - say at least 5 musicians with discrete parts. Give some idea of tempo, each one different. Make them start :) all at differing tempos. Then each player is to either speed up or slow down until some sort of sync is reached, where rhythmically the piece seems to make sense. Stay there for a little. Stop.
Repeat with new information for seperate movements.

Each part is to be very harmonically simple, potentially single notes, or mayhaps 2 note arpeggios or simple rhythyms. eg....

[1]Whittington, Stephen. Quoting an unknown source. University of Adelaide, Schultz building. 31 May 2007.

[2] “Music Technology Forum – Week 11 – Composition/Improvisation". University of Adelaide, Schultz building. 10 May 2007.
Presented by David Harris and Stephen Whittington.

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