Tuesday, 15 May 2007

CC - week 9 - further sounds and the sampler

More sampling goodtimes.

The quest this week: to further explore processing techniques to enhance our sound libraries, and create a soundscape using Reason and the NN-19 sampler module.[1]

I used my own voice as the sample source and manipulated it in ProTools, Peak, SoundHack and Fscape.

I've got to admit to finding Peak a fairly annoying program to use. Today I couldn't work out how to change the audio settings, I could not get a sound from Peak in studio 5 :( And also had trouble with ProTools not bouncing down sounds. It would go through the motions, create a file name in appropriate folder, do some thinking, then delete file - very odd, and only for some sounds....which did make some rather neat sounds not happen :(

In our lecture, Christian showed us a rather nifty technique that I quite enjoyed playing with.
Gate a signal, mix it with a phase inverted copy of ungated signal and then you have an anti-gate, whatever is above the threshold is removed.

Lots of cutting/pasting in ProTools, using multiple tracks/busses. Reversing, compressing, phase inverting, delays, reverbs, time stretching.
Also a lot more stereo imaging as a result of using multiple tracks for editing. I did have to limit myself, or individual samples could well have ended up as tracks in themselves.

Here are a couple of fun sounds. sound 11.mp3 reverse other.mp3

With Peak not making sound, I didn't use any loop points in any samples this week. Nor did I set key regions.
Once I'd imported the sounds into Reason, it stacked the sounds alphabetically and was quite easy to give them a neat key range to fit all sounds onto one stretch of the keyboard.
The looping however proved to be a bit limited. I think as a result I ended up with a lot of pitched down sounds, looooonnnnngggg and with new interesting artifacts :)

Final track. cc week9.mp3

[1] Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 9 lecture. University of Adelaide, 10 May 2007.

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