Wednesday, 23 May 2007

cc - week 10 - meta synth

week 10 - use metasynth.[1]

Very nice piece of software. Annoying edit interface, although I'm sure it will get easier.

This weeks piece is amusingly the first one I felt I had little control over the end product. The editing is very crude and abrupt. I'm hoping that by using the mix and merge features it may smooth it out.

I mostly enjoyed the effects room. The stereo echo, pan and pitch, harmonise and harmonics were most enjoyable. Not to say the others weren't :)
Quite enjoyed the stereo factors, being able to draw and seperate dramatically. And the ability to effectively automate parameters !! I have previously spent so much time effecting tiny consecutive sections of files with tiny consecutive parameter changes.

Rendering was where the editing was a bit annoying, no tails. I am used to being able to either multitrack so long decays can be merged on seperate tracks, or having more obvious paste/mix features. Wasn't able to work out how to do this easily, potentially I was too focused on trying to do it all on one screen and would have found it easier with multiple files going on.

The image synth is quite interesting, I spent a while playing with it but didn't use it much for the final product.
The rendering to a new shorter file was a bit annoying - but a bit of render, copy, undo then paste sort of worked. Again not being able to layer was annoying (although the more I write this the more annoyed I get at myself for not working it out).
I enjoyed a bit of brush work, but need more learning of the grid to make more coherent sounds i think.

This weeks piece ; cc week 10.mp3.

[1] Haines, Christian. Creative Computing week 10 lecture. University of Adelaide, 17 May 2007.

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