Monday, 19 March 2007

CC - week 2 - tape style editing

I was absent for this assignment, but it sounds like such fun I hope to do something similiar and then post here.

I have got some recordings I did in studio 2 of myself beatboxing (of a sort), which I intend to use. I have had some problems getting hold of them after emailing to myself, but all is now good !!

So within the next few days I intend to do some editing of those sounds and put them up here.

No to beatbox style, Yes to paper sounds :)

fluctuating vandal.mp3 crunkling orama.mp3 bbrrring.mp3 stuttering car.mp3 stereo tearing.mp3 dodgy beat.mp3

These sounds were used as the source for 2nd time around of the Spear exercise.

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